What's the problem?

In the past, we have been able to transport students to competitions and events by bus.  The current cost of a bus for a day is about $800 - which is well beyond current budget constraints.

Without some alternative solution, our student groups will be unable to appear and compete at various music events.  This would greatly diminish the experiences which this excellent music program can offer.

How can we help?

Our solution is to maintain a roster of parents who are able and willing to drive students to events in their private vehicles.  With sufficient participation, this need not be a huge commitment ... and will also give you the opportunity to hear our musicians perform!

OK, I'm in - how do I sign up?

It's simple! Just follow the following simple steps:

  • Download and print this driver packet.
  • Get a copy of your current driver record from the DMV, either in person or order it online.
  • Submit the completed packet to Mr. Lawrenson with the following:
    • Copy of your current insurance policy declarations page, showing liability amounts.
    • Copy of your current driver license.
    • Your driver record obtained from the DMV.

It can take up to 2 weeks for the school to process applications, so please do this early!


Call or email Mr. Lawrenson - (530) 745-5842 or .